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Just a few notes which could help you when using this site.

1. To access the download sectionof the site from the UK you need to be a registered user of library music and provide your MCPS registration number or P Number to us.
If you haven’t got a P Number you can get one quickly and easily on this page of the MCPS website.

2. Download Formats: You can download either MP3 files at 320kbps, WAV files at 48k or AIFF files at 44.1K

3. After either selecting a CD or after a search, clicking the title of a track will show all the different versions of that track. If available, these might include, vocal versions, instrumental versions and associated commercial length versions. You can of course preview, download or save to your project from this page as well.
This page will also give you more detailed information about the track, ie writer name, bpm and duration.

4. Clicking the top white box, situated next to the preview button, will select / tick all the boxes on that page. Great for saving search results into a project and previewing later.

5. Projects: Once logged onto the site, select a track you wish to place into a project folder by clicking / ticking its check box on the left. Then click “choose project” and select from the menu “new project”. A box appears for you to name your project. Click  “save” to save your project. Click view and your project folder opens with the selected track / tracks included. You can then carry on with another search or choose another CD to audition.

6. Getting A License: Once you have downloaded a track and used it on your production you must get a license from MCPS before it is exploited. You can get one online by following the link below:


All use or exploitation of these tracks must be reported to MCPS & PRS or in the case of use or exploitation outside the UK, Unity's licensed agent in that territory. If unsure please contact us and we will put you in touch with the appropriate overseas agent. Any unauthorised use or exploitation of any of these tracks will be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.