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UPM46 - Across the Delta

Preview Across The DeltaLogin or join Unity to download Across The DeltaAcross The DeltaExtra funky blues. Relaxed groove with flavours of the bayou and the southern states of America. Cool!!
Preview Honey ChileLogin or join Unity to download Honey ChileHoney ChileChilled out trip hop. Dreamy and relaxed but with a serious groove
Preview Northern LightsLogin or join Unity to download Northern LightsNorthern LightsVery atmospheric new age trip hop. Ethereal with a panoramic vibe
Preview TreasureLogin or join Unity to download TreasureTreasureAmbient trip hop. Sparse ethereal stings. New age with funky groove
Preview PearlsLogin or join Unity to download PearlsPearlsAmbient determined new age trip hop. Piano melody over building tense groove
Preview Love Set Me FreeLogin or join Unity to download Love Set Me FreeLove Set Me FreeBig gospel like vocals over an inspirational funky backing track. Powerful and uplifting
Preview Beyond OneLogin or join Unity to download Beyond OneBeyond OneLight airy groove. Atmospheric and reflective. Sparse and ethereal
Preview A Good Man Feeling BadLogin or join Unity to download A Good Man Feeling BadA Good Man Feeling BadSad melodic chill out trip hop. Atmospheric and dreamy. Mixture of male and female vocals
Preview FragmentsLogin or join Unity to download FragmentsFragmentsDark sad and very atmospheric. Trippy. Calm relaxed chill out. New age.
Preview Got Love (Got Joy)Login or join Unity to download Got Love (Got Joy)Got Love (Got Joy)Hopeful but with a hint of sadness. Chilled out trip hop. Melodic piano
Preview Heart Of LeadLogin or join Unity to download Heart Of LeadHeart Of LeadNot dreamy more a restless nights sleep. Dark and slightly sinister
Preview My Baby Wants To LeaveLogin or join Unity to download My Baby Wants To LeaveMy Baby Wants To LeaveSeriously cool male blues vocal over atmospheric chilled trip hop backing