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brio003 - Red Verve Chilled Beats

Preview Echoes And ReflectionsLogin or join Unity to download Echoes And ReflectionsEchoes And ReflectionsPositive, airy intro turns into an open and bright mid tempo, happy, relaxed track
Preview Golden VerveLogin or join Unity to download Golden VerveGolden VerveUplifting mid tempo theme. Hypnotic, swirling melodic lines.
Preview Sunset ChillLogin or join Unity to download Sunset ChillSunset ChillAmbient synth textures and spanish guitar melodies over positive latin type groove
Preview Silver Mind MoveLogin or join Unity to download Silver Mind MoveSilver Mind MovePulsing infectious power synth chords over positive, uplifting trance like groove
Preview CatwalkLogin or join Unity to download CatwalkCatwalkContagious chords over a mid tempo groove. Fashion and elegance
Preview Crystal BreathLogin or join Unity to download Crystal BreathCrystal BreathUplifting but relaxed, open theme over a chilled percussive bed.
Preview Downtown MantraLogin or join Unity to download Downtown MantraDowntown MantraEvocative, moody, 80's electonic vibe. Open sensitive piano bridge
Preview Train PanoramaLogin or join Unity to download Train PanoramaTrain PanoramaBright and panoramic, a relaxed melodic guitar theme over this easy going track
Preview Playing With The WindsLogin or join Unity to download Playing With The WindsPlaying With The WindsEmotional, slightly apprehensive theme leads to spatial, mysterious piano melody
Preview Sex Drive PreludeLogin or join Unity to download Sex Drive PreludeSex Drive PreludeJazzy trumpet melody lines over a solid old school disco groove. Funky
Preview SoundholicLogin or join Unity to download SoundholicSoundholicChilled ambient intro leads to big, driving beats and catchy guitar and synth riffs
Preview Urban Medicine ManLogin or join Unity to download Urban Medicine ManUrban Medicine ManJazzed out vibes Man. Sexy, sleazy and smokey