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UPM81 - Indie Rock / Indie Pop 2

Preview Why Do ILogin or join Unity to download Why Do IWhy Do IDriving indie rock / pop track. Lively, energetic but slightly mean and moody with female vocals about a supermodel
Preview Another DayLogin or join Unity to download Another DayAnother DayHard, heavy, slow and moody indie rock track. Dramatic male vocals rapping and singing
Preview Free At LastLogin or join Unity to download Free At LastFree At LastFast, heavy, pounding indie rock track. Free and excited about it. Soulful female vocals
Preview Cruel To Be KindLogin or join Unity to download Cruel To Be KindCruel To Be KindVery commercial but slightly dark nu metal / indie rock track. Hooky male vocals
Preview Run From YouLogin or join Unity to download Run From YouRun From YouCommercial driving rock / pop track. Energetic and lively with a soulful female vocal and catchy guitar melody
Preview Little Bit Of LuckLogin or join Unity to download Little Bit Of LuckLittle Bit Of LuckHard heavy indie rock track. Exciting and high paced. Energetic and slightly dark. Male vocals song about gambling addiction
Preview Garage BandsLogin or join Unity to download Garage BandsGarage BandsDriving indie rock track. Garage band cool. Alternative, lively and quirky with a pop edge. Male vocal
Preview Please Dont StayLogin or join Unity to download Please Dont StayPlease Dont StayAlternative pop / rock track. Rolling tom verses with hard, heavy chorus. Male and female vocals
Preview Too Many TimesLogin or join Unity to download Too Many TimesToo Many TimesHard nu metal, indie rock track. Very aggressive and compulsive. Male vocal expressing regret
Preview GoodbyeLogin or join Unity to download GoodbyeGoodbyeFunky indie rock track. Female vocals about the death of a loved one
Preview Rocket 2Login or join Unity to download Rocket 2Rocket 2Heavy pulsating and exciting but sinister. Nu Metal with an urban dj vibe. Dramatic with male vocal
Preview NightmareLogin or join Unity to download NightmareNightmareHard aggressive, sinister and evil. A real nightmare! Indie Rock / Metal track with urban dj / turntable effects and male vocals